“Children must be taught how to think, not what to think”
– Margaret Mead


  • Ensure that your children come to school in proper uniform.
  • Intimate school in case of change of any of contact details :address, telephone number, e-mail address
  • For latest updates refer to school’s website or facebook pages. o All Saturdays are non-working days for school. However, in case of any extracurricular activities, remedial classes or competitions students have to report to the school. Information would be given in advance.
  • All fees must be paid within the scheduled date and the receipt should be maintained.
  • Avoid meeting wards during class hours.
  • Do not send your wards to school if they are medically unfit to attend the class.
  • Make sure that your ward actively takes part in all the school activities as they are executed in best interests of the student body.
  • Kindly do not give gifts to the teachers. Your child’s all round development is the best gift.
  • Ensure that your ward devotes sufficient time to studies at home every day.
  • Do not send cakes and costly gifts to the institution on birthdays.
  • Do not withdraw children from the classes as a reason for mere social functions, so as not to break the continuity of study which is essential for their progress.
  • Co-operate with the school authorities to liberate children from the slavery of tuition.
  • No deduction is permissible in any fees for days of absence or arbitrary discontinuance.
  • Do not criticize the school or teachers in front of your child. Those who wish to seek any clarification, information or make any suggestions or complaint should do so directly to the Principal and not to any teacher or other members of staff. Give all complaints in writing.
  • Please avoid late nights for children.
  • Please label all stationery and clothing items.
  • In case your child is travelling by your own transport please ensure that he/she reaches the school in time and are handed over to the staff on duty/aunties and not left at the door.
  • The tiffin / snack box should consist mainly of fruits and home cooked food which the children can manage themselves. No junk food will be allowed in the school.
  • Engaging in conversation with staff during the working hours is strongly discouraged. Should there be any discussions, you may fix a prior appointment.
  • The Montessori System greatly differs from the traditional system of education in many essential ways. Parents are advised NOT to teach Alphabets and Numbers at home unless specified by the Adult-in-charge. Periodical observation by the parents of the children at work is encouraged.
  • There are set rules which are to be followed by the parents during the observation as advised by the institution.


In case of students with school transport, parents must ensure that the students are ready for the bus at least five minutes before the given time. This ensures punctuality and also instills the same in the minds of the students.Parents should ensure that the vehicle should not be allowed to wait. Once the route is fixed it will not be changed unless there is a change of address. Parents calling up with request to drop the child at a different place for one day will not be entertained.

School diary

  • Students should bring school diary to the school every day.
  • Go through the diary daily for any kind of information/ entries from the school.
  • Sign all the notes sent from the school.
  • Parents can also use the diary to communicate with the teachers.

Parent Teacher Meeting

  • Group and One-to-One sessions would be conducted.
  • Use the platform for good interaction and growth for your own ward.
  • Parents should attend the meeting as and when conducted
  • Follow the guidelines discussed in the meeting for the benefit of the ward.
  • Reach the venue on time
  • Make maximum use of Parent Teacher interactions.
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