We can provide you the demo of our Montessori classroom for better understanding. It might help to clear the myth that Montessori system is only play. Through this system, we aim at the holistic development of the child through montessori materials and procedures that evoke interest and curiosity in the child.

Our Mission

The Mission of Ryan International Montessori School is to:

Promote skill sets that make students self-reliant. Productive, and equipped to successfully face the challenges of an increasingly demanding global environment.

Support students in their quest for critical thinking and problem solving skills so that they become thought leaders, champions of justice, fairness and empathy, and astute decision makers

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide the best of education for children, together with their peers, in a joyful, nurturing and safe learning environment.


The montessori method of teaching lays the foundation for the child wherein he can aim for the best interaction with his friends and teachers. The curriculum is formed in a way that children learn all basic concepts through materials and activities, as against regular schooling which involves reading, writing, byhearting and reproducing. School is not a burden, but it is fun for the child.

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