Years 4 % to 5 %

  • M3 level is equivalent to UKG in the traditional schools. Children making the transition to traditional schools find it difficult to adjust to the same age group of students, the heavy bags, the amount of hometask given, etc. However they understand and grasp concepts faster when compared to traditional school counterparts. Montessori background makes them active “learners” and “creative thinkers” as they learn to study independently without much help from their elders.
  • Apart from different languages like English, Malayalam, Hindi, Arabic, Children master arithmetic skills, general science, social behaviour skills, independence, order and respect for others.
  • Since there are no exams and test in a Montessori School, assessment occur daily through the teacher’s keen observation on the children. At the end of each term, teachers provide each student and his or her parents with an overview of the Students progress.
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