“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”
– Nelson Mandela

Having been an educator myself, I hold up the belief of having a good educational system in the society. I am of the firm credence that the future of a society, nation and mankind depends on the quality of education provided.

Though educational organizations are coming up everywhere, only the best can sustain. Parents of today are more quality inclined and they believe that not all schools can mould their child in the perfect way and make them competitive enough to face the whole world without compromising on the values.

Keeping the contemporary global and national perspective in our psyche, we would strive to achieve excellence in the grooming and upbringing of a child. RYAN’s vision comprises of fervent children with a curiosity to learn, professionally competent teachers, exemplary caretakers and staff and a supportive management.

One of the highlights of RYAN is the application of Montessori method of Teaching at the pre-primary level. This educational approach is quite different from the traditional teaching style involved at the base level. It emphasizes on independence, freedom within limits and respect for a child’s natural physical, psychological and social development. A child which attains a thorough foundation at the base level can add different shades of success stories to his life and this method of teaching definitely helps the child to have a proper foundation for his mounting academic years. Our system and style provides a pedestal for the child to think and bring out the qualities that define him. RYAN would always be the guiding force behind the students encouraging them to think and act with strength and acumen.

I express my heartfelt gratitude to the parents for having trust in us and rendering unconditional support by joining us in the realization of our vision. On behalf of every staff at RYAN , I welcome you all to this enormous library of learning and knowledge.


Anis M. K.

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