Since CBSE has National jurisdiction and International repute, the School follows
•CBSE in the higher classes and Montessori in Pre-primary

Our Broad and updated curriculum....
•Provides education and experience that inspires love for learning and intellectual vitality.

Instil’s competence and confidence in students.Makes the children learn best through supervised activities making the learning process totally activity based, process oriented and child centered.

Fosters the intellectual, physical, emotional, social and cultural growth of students.

Provides a stimulating environment both inside and outside the classrooms.

Is project based, need based, and problem based. That makes the students construct knowledge through authentic experience.

Offers ample scope for extra/co-curricular activities for the betterment of the student community.

The pre-primary section follows the Montessori method which is perhaps, the most widely accepted system of education for children that being a constant source of pleasure, excitement & self discovery . A Montessori classroom is in many ways different from a conventional classroom. The prepared environment is suited to the child’s need for order. Along with the Montessori Curriculum we organise field trip, CC Activities, role plays etc to make learning interesting and productive.

The academic year of RYAN consists of 3 terms:
June to July I Term
August to October II Term
November to March III Term

The overall student/teacher ratio is 15:1. Each month would be supported by field trips wherein the students can learn practical and value education by visiting the nearby places of importance like an agricultural farm, seed farm, animal farm, old age homes etc.

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